The Hamster Eater

Yes, in fact that hamster WAS very tasty. You gotta problem with that?

Thanks to jakeandcharlie

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The Gang Leader

Now with my homies yere, you not so brave you ginger bastard.

Thanks to ihaskidgloves

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The Coffee Thief

You mean that was your cappucino? Whoops!

Thanks to Katherine Robertson-Pilling

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The Kidnapping Cat

The Kidnapping Cat

No. First I see $10,000 in small, unmarked bills. Then we bring your daughter down.

Miscellaneous Miscreants

Used under Creative Commons license from Hamed Masoumi.

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The Gangster

The gangster cat

Wuz bizness, not personal. He is sleep with the fishies now.

Killer Kitties

Thanks to Gene Lugo.

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